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Autism-Friendly Sites near Dixon, IL

Finding childproof places that are fun for the whole can be a challenge. If you have a child with special needs, this can present new challenges. There are many opportunities available near Sauk Valley for parents to engage with their children and promote their development. Here are some autism-friendly activities nearby:

Autism-friendly Nachusa Grasslands near Dixon, IL

Nachusa Grasslands

The Nachusa Grasslands is a 3,800-acre nature preserve that offers many opportunities for outdoor exploration and nature-based learning. Parents can take their children for a hike, participate in educational programs, or join a volunteer group to help with conservation efforts. Sometimes bison can be spotted for the kids who love animals.

Sensory-friendly Lowell Park in Dixon, IL

Lowell Park

Lowell Park is a large park located in Dixon that offers many recreational opportunities for families. The park includes many options for gross motor activities children can do independently or with adults. Parents can take their children for a picnic, play on the playground, or enjoy a game of catch. The park also has a riverfront trail that provides a scenic view of the Rock River.

Special needs-friendly sensory bag at the Discovery Center north of Dixon, IL

Discover Center Museum

It's a bit more of a drive, but the Discover Center Museum in Rockford, IL, is a hands-on science museum that offers many interactive exhibits and programs. Children with autism can benefit from the sensory-friendly exhibits and accommodations, such as noise-reducing headphones and quiet spaces. The museum also offers sensory-friendly hours on the first Sunday of each month.

Dixon Public Library free kids activities in Sauk Valley

Dixon Public Library

The Dixon Public Library offers many resources and programs for families, including storytime, crafts, and educational programs. Parents can also check out books and resources on autism and other developmental disabilities.

There are many opportunities for parents to engage with their children and promote their development in the Dixon, IL area. Whether it's exploring nature at the Nachusa Grasslands or enjoying a game of catch at Lowell Park, many special needs-friendly activities are able. By engaging with their children and participating in these activities, parents can help their children build important skills and promote their overall development.

Disclaimer: this post does not contain treatment recommendations as a professional relationship has not been established. For children whom the Autism Center has not directly observed, there is not enough information to make any specific treatment recommendation as treatment recommendations would be based on a subjective report of the child’s behavior. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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